Monday, September 8, 2014

Memory Lane

Another 100 word story.

Because I've been staying up late counting my worries and listing my problems.


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05/08/2014 (Friday)-  Memory Lane

          I was looking for a deep, black, dreamless sleep.  But somewhere between waking and dreaming, I took a wrong turn.

          Once you step on a path in dreams you can only move forward.  No going back.

          There were brambles and weeds growing to the sides, a yellow nightmare moon watching from above, and memories littered along the lane.

          Jagged, sharp, broken glass memories.  The ones I had chosen to forget.

          Each step opening old wounds, reminding me of people I’ve hurt, and people I continue to hurt.

          I tried to stop, forget.

          But the blood and tears wouldn’t let me.