Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January Rain

Another 100 word story.

Well this day is special for me.  About 10 years back I attended the wedding of my first love, I basically got the invitation a week before the wedding and I wasn't sure how to react to it.  I think this pretty much sums it up a bit.

Huh... most of the stuff lately has been just a tad bit personal.  I blame the weather.


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01/15/2014 (Wednesday)- January Rain

               I don’t feel a thing,
               as I hear the church bells sing
               the time we shared together now just a memory. 

               My heart broke in two,
               and I’m not sure what to do
               I came wearing black, dead and buried. 

I put on my mask,
               Wishing them well as she asks
               Are you happy?  Have you found someone new? 

               Yes, I tell a lie,
               hoping my eyes are still dry
               You look beautiful, I’m truly happy for you.
               I lost myself in the rain,
               her tears washing away my pain
               the thunder screams, but its drowned out by my own…