Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer's End

Another 100 word story.

Still trying to get in the groove as I pack up Summer in a box, and get ready for the months-of-Ber season.


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05/07/2014 (Thursday)- Summer’s End

          I opened up the box for Summer’s End, to pack away my days.

          Days spent wisely in idleness on the grass, too few to count, days burned away with no time to write, to read, to dream…?  Too much.

          Old notebooks staring back at me with empty lines of prose unsaid, demanding attention be paid for the ink has gotten old and brittle and grey.

          Old stories asking for more words, less dust.

          I’ll try, I promised, closing the box.

          The Sun gave a sigh as he watched me put them away.

          Another box filled with wanting days.

          I’ll try.