Saturday, September 27, 2014

Uncle Mario

Another 100 word story.

One of my favorite Uncles.  A bookworm, a huge sci-fi nerd, and an old time rebel.  He tells me about his life back then picketing in student rallies, the tear gas, the live bullets, the violence.  It never gets old.

Sorry if I haven't been posting as much, been way too busy with real life.

Hope this little story makes up for a bit.


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05/09/2014 (Saturday)- Uncle Mario

          My Uncle was filled with patriotism in his youth.  His college years spent picketing with fellow students against Ferdinand Marcos’ despotic regime.  Hiding from authorities, dodging bullets and batons during student rallies, watching friends disappear in the night.

          In the end he had to flee for his life.  Leaving home, family, friends, a country in need

          He left something else behind that day.  You can see it in his eyes when he talks.  A dull opaque cloud passing by trying to hold back the rain, but always this one traitorous drop escaping.

          We say nothing as he wipes it away.