If you all enjoyed my twisted little stories, I would love to invite you to read the works of some amazing writers that have helped me grow as a writer through their stories and writing tips:  

Linda Maree Malcolm, beautiful author with a wonderful page listing her published works and "Words of the Day."  (You really should check out her profile picture on Google!)

Adrianna Joleigh, wonderful stories as well as book reviews (one of the inspirations for me to put up one myself), check out her "A Tryst With a Twist" flash fiction...  it got my knees flexin' and my arms T-rexin' afterwards.

David Kent's "The Muse and Views of a Mountain Writer," wonderful stories and writing tips can be found on his blog, a lot of which has helped me in editing my own stories.  

I'll be posting more links in the future!  So keep checking them out if you want more stories/tips on writing!