Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Inner Child

One of the things I kept hearing while growing up from friends and family were:  "Don't change."  I never understood then why they would tell me that.  Why in a world of constant change, not to change?  

It's only now I realize as I wrote this story: what they wanted me to keep was this inner child, the one they had to send away.  He's one of the many reasons I write stories about cats (despite being allergic to cats!).  I find myself turning to him more and more as this year long project of mine goes on. 

I hope you enjoy this 100 word story dedicated to all of you who still keep one in your heart. 

Don't change.  

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10/16/2013 (Wednesday)- My Inner Child

I let him out to play at night, this inner-child of mine, he reads aloud his storybooks and leaves his toys out to stay.  He’ll wake me if I sleep too soon and tell me what he found:  a calico with a silver pen, a jade rabbit on the moon.

I let him stay as long as I can, knowing all too well the tale:  There’s a time all children grow, a time when they must go.

In the morning when I wake, and as he slowly fades, I put him back inside my heart to sleep and dream again.