Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Re: More Balls Needed

Another 100 word story.

Ok.  In fairness.  I have been getting a lot of viagra pills to prepack for patients, so it's only natural that sex as a topic would come in somewhere in a story because of that.  It's a little bit blasphemous, but do take it as the joke it's really meant to be.

I mean... imagine if we had four balls.

This one amazing comic of Dan Piraro drew a lot of criticism, but it's funny as hell.  Check out his blog, or look for him in the comics portion of your newspaper.  I love what he can put into just one panel, and his art style is fantastic!


*picture is originally from http://bizarrocomics.com/2014/06/07/undies-fish-tv-laptop/

04/28/2014 (Tuesday)- Re: More Balls Needed

          Who came up with this idea?

          “Archangel Lucifer, m’lord.”

          What was he working on again?

          “Male genitalia, apparently the department kicked him out over his obsession that: ‘It should do more than just pee.’”

          And… this is what he came up with?

          “Along with the suggestion that there should be more balls.”

          Well.  Make it an even two, any more and they may have a problem thinking and walking.  So he thinks this… “sex”… is a good thing?

          “He mentioned that it was a surefire plan to bring in believers, and have them praise you more.”

          Sounds like a plan.