Monday, June 9, 2014

A Prized Possession

Another 100 word story.

Crazy shifts lately.  Been working 8 day on- 1 day off intervals, and all my free time has been spent doing errands, laundry, and getting as much sleep as I can since I'm on rotation for nights/days/evenings.  It's hard when your part-time and you agree to help out during school break.

Any stories I had in my head has seeped away, and I'm trying to dig them back out.


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04/27/2014 (Monday)- A Prized Possession

          It was father’s favorite chair.

          A worn leather recliner.  The smell of cigarettes and stories read aloud still lingering, of sermons and shared confessions, of how lucky I am lectures.

          Mother asked me to find someone who wanted it.  A chair that doesn’t recline, the seat worn from use, and the tell-tale smell of age and mistakes.  It’s been broken since he left.

          I’ve tried to fix it, but there’s no helping if it doesn’t want to be fixed.

          So I moved it to the garage along with his other prized possessions.

          Just in case he comes back home