Sunday, May 4, 2014

Working on the Sabbath

Another 100 word story.

I try not to impinge on the beliefs of my family when I can, joining them to keep them happy when I have time.  Just not this day/week/month.  It's cramming time and I can't pretend to be Catholic today:  term papers, last minute projects (I'm the best at procrastinating, look how late I am with my own personal pet writing project), exams, more exams, and, oh, an exam for work.

They keep asking what made me stop believing.  Honestly?  Its seeing people be good in church to a fictional god, then step out and be mean to non-fictional people.  Just one of many reasons.

I'd rather believe and have faith in people.


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04/05/2014 (Sunday)- Working on the Sabbath

          Won’t you come to church?  they asked again, a topic of weekly repetition.

          “No, there’s too much to do:  finals, projects, writing, chores, life.”

          It’s Sunday.  That’s too much.

          “It is, but I can’t choose to live then be irresponsible.”

          You can stop for an hour, can’t you?

          “… you do know I stopped believing, right?”

          We’re praying that you’ll change your mind.

          “I’m hoping you’ll change yours.”

          They leave me to my sins, my heretic life, silent signs of the crosses to ward away my corrupting ways.

          As I live to do more work than some gods on a Sunday.