Monday, May 5, 2014

A Party for Kids

Another 100 word story.

Celebrated my lola's (grandmother) birthday last saturday, and she is now a beautiful 90 year old lady (who tends to repeat questions and forget my name).  I still haven't bought her a gift yet, because I'm still not sure what to give her.  She actually asked for knives, which of course I'm not getting... since I hid all her knives, long story short, it was to protect the trees and my stomach (she uses them for gardening and doesn't wash them after, resulting in my having... *cough* explosive diarrhea *cough*... many times...).

So we have family over from Hawaii (her eldest son) and friends from Canada (her best friends), and of course way too much food for this week.  I may be late again with stories as we'll be taking them to Orlando to go shopping, go to Epcot, but I'll definitely be writing I just won't be able to post them.  I'll be back Thursday for sure, and I'll be apologizing for the multiple story posts on that day.

I hope you enjoy this story, I hope it captures the fun that she had with her family and friends on her special 90th day.


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04/06/2014 (Monday)- A Party for Kids

          I setup the picnic table in the living room, cleaning and wiping it down for lola’s 90th birthday:  It’ll be the table where the kids eat.

          So I spent extra time cleaning it, knowing that I’ll be sitting there—too old to be a kid, too immature to be an adult, stuck in a Peter Pan loop.

          By choice?  I’m not sure at times.

          Later that night I find the celebrant and her friends drinking and eating at the picnic table, laughing and singing songs from their time, cake all over my nice clean table.

          Their laughter infecting us kids.