Saturday, May 3, 2014

Kitsune-ame/Fox Rain

Another 100 word story.

I was thinking of doing a story about dreams again, or maybe something about Wino's, as I was leaving the Total Winery store at the corner with bags of "Medicine" for writing, for stress, for life.  When a sunshower left me drenched, and walking slowly with the slowly disintegrating paper bags.

I then remembered the different stories that went with these sudden showers on a clear bright day:  Of the devil beating his wife and marrying his daughter, of a fox having a wedding (read in a comic), of animals playing tricks.

I figured I should make it a happy story after all the sad stories that I've been putting out.

On a side note.  I've noticed that I've been writing longer stories than intended and spend hours trying to decide how to edit.  So sorry for this late post, I've been cutting and cutting and cutting to bring it down to the 100 word rule.  I hope I didn't cut too much out.


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04/04/2014 (Saturday)- Kitsune-ame/Fox Rain

          I was sitting at the park reading when a sudden shower fell, the sky still bright and clear.  A lady covered in white saw my surprise and laughed.

          It’s a sunshower, she explained.

          “I just wasn’t expecting it.”

          She smiled behind her veil:  It happens at times, these things we do not expect.  Where I’m from this means the Fox has taken a bride and is keeping people away.

          “Is she not happy?”

          She laughed in a way my heart won’t forget.

          Tears can be for happiness, too.

          I watched her walk away, red tail swishing against white silk robes.