Monday, May 12, 2014

What's in a Name?

Another 100 word story.

This came about over a discussion I had with some coworkers over how names have changed over time to try and be unique, and wondering, if the babies in question had a choice... what kind of name would they have chosen for themselves?

I like Michael.  Michael fits.  I've grown into it.  But if I had been given a choice before I got used to it, I might have gone with something more direct, to the point, just like the devil in this story.


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04/14/2014 (Tuesday)- What’s in a Name?

          The devil dropped in, all giddy and excited.

          I’ve got new business cards, he said, handing me a smoking obsidian rectangular card, white helvetica letters spelling out, what I assumed, his company.

          “So this is the title of your... business?”

          No, no, no.  That’s my “Human” name.

          “What?  Why not Devil, or Damien, or even, y’know, Lucifer.”

          Ich.  Too goth.  A name tells you what you’re all about.  Direct.  To the point.

          “So now you’re…”

          Business, Nasty Business.  Mister. Nasty Business.  Nasty to friends.

          “… I think I got it.”

          Now.  Let’s talk souls.  How many ya got for me today?