Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Another 100 word story.

Woke up and decided it was a Nirvana sound trip kind of day, so I played the Nevermind album off my phone as I cleaned up the mess in my room some relatives used while they were staying in Florida.

Lo and behold.

My old green school backpack with the remains of failed exams, undone homework, a fossilized snicker (which I'm tempted to bite), and my old cassette of Nevermind.  It was a sign... and if it wasn't, well, I had a really strong urge to write about it.


*picture is originally from http://modernprairiegirl.com/name-the-fear-and-do-it-anyway/

O4/15/2014 (Wednesday)- Nevermind

          I found my old Nirvana cassette in an old backpack, school letters coming loose and the same old zipper still locking up, the smell reminding me of good times, bad times, and “why, ask why” attitude…. and, of course, longer hair.

          Memories of late night talks with friends on how we’ll be different, change the world, be better, be more...

          If anything, be more.

          I forget what happened after.  Where they went, why I changed: goals, views, dreams, smiles.  Turning off the lights I walked out with my cassette, leaving behind an empty old school bag.

          Living in a denial.