Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kissed and Made Her Cry

Another 100 word story.

Trying to catch up to May by doing two stories a day, last time I did this I drained the well.  I'm to blame for that because I was more concerned with the likes/shares generated by each story, that I kept repeating myself and pushing out half-assed stories.  I'm going to focus on the one thing a good friend told me, to make each one a gift and not worry about who likes and who shares.  Just give them as they are, a gift.

"I'll try," was all I could promise.

Enjoy this little Sunday story of corruption.

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04/13/2014 (Monday)- Kissed and Made Her Cry

          An angel met me at the confessional, asking why I even bothered—Why pretend when you don’t believe?  Why waste my time carrying empty words and half-hearted confessions?

          I’m not sure why, or even when they became empty.  Repetition?  The truth that I still replay my sins because I can’t stop lying, lusting, and procrastinating.

          Why can’t you change?  What’s wrong with you?

          I shrugged in reply.  I’m human, we enjoy our sins, you should try them some time, kissing her goodbye.

          I watched the white dove fly off, a splotch of black on the tip of her wings.