Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sharing Sentiments on a Bench

Another 100 word story.

I treated my mother and relatives to Chef de France at Epcot for lunch, it was definitely pricey, but I told them I'd be working over the weekend so this is my way of celebrating Mother's Day.

We got to talk to a few of the waiters and waitresses that worked there, I find it very interesting and enjoyable that they actually take people from different areas around the world to work in Epcot.  Although the prevailing sentiment they kept expressing was how much they missed their family, how homesick they were with each passing day.

I understood what they were going through.  So I gave them an extra $50 as a tip, something to send home.


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04/11/2014 (Saturday)- Sharing Sentiments on a Bench

          I sat down at a bench in the French Quarter of the theme park when a very pretty girl sat down on the opposite end, her ID badge read:  “Hi, my name is Charlotte.  I’m from Lyon, France.”

          How do you like working here?  I asked.

          She told me it was fine.  If it wasn’t for her other coworkers who came from France like her, she’d be more homesick than she was feeling now, but at least she’ll get to go home soon at the end of summer:  How about you? she asked.

          I don’t know when I’ll be home.