Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hello Mother

Another 100 word story.

Happy Mothers day to everyone, I hope you all find time to at least greet her or be with her.  Sadly she's working at her hospital, and I'll be working as well.  For that reason I gave her gift a week early-- bought her an iPad air, sadly however she still prefers using her first gen iPad... because it has a cover!  Will be getting a cover for her newer iPad on my next weekend off.

I'd like to think I'm pretty close with my mother.  When I was a child I always believed I was tethered to her by some psychic/spiritual link, which would explain how she would always find me wherever I hid:  in a department store, under a car, in the dryer, etcetera other dangerous places.

It's a wonder I didn't die as a kid.

Enjoy this little Mother's day story.

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04/12/2014 (Sunday)- Hello Mother

          I sent flowers again, like every other year when I remember.  I’m just calling to ask—are you well?  are you happy?  are you taking your meds?

          I’m good.  As happy as can be.  Yes, of course.  When will you visit?

          Mother, I’m busy.  Working late just like you, but I understand why now, yes only now.  I’m sorry I grew up late, because of that I have to work harder to catch up.  You know I love you, right?

          I know.  Do you know what I miss?


          I miss when you were a boy.

          I miss that, too.