Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Balancing Act

Another 100 word story.

This pretty much sums up what my week has been before I went to Orlando for a break, and still after.  We've been shuffling our inventory in-hospital, as well with our sister hospitals, and even then we're still not keeping up with the demand of some medications.

I've been coming to work early, and leaving an hour late.  I even got the joy of hearing I'll get to work six days straight to help lessen the load, and then come in for four hours on a day off to help properly count our inventory, since for some reason someone has been counting it wrong... so of course you gotta tap the asian worker to count, cause that's like a racial skill for us:  +1 mathematics.

Anyway, this pretty much sums up the frustration and weariness I've had of trying to keep track of our inventory, and telling the nurses that they'll have to get a substitute, or wait until the delivery comes later that night.


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04/10/2014 (Friday)- A Balancing Act

          I sat wearily at my desk balancing inventory, borrowing what I need and lending what I don’t, trying my best to keep a-sinking ship afloat.

          “The manufacturer stopped making it,” “The supplies are low nationwide,” “They ran out of ingredients to compound it,” were the answers I got over the phone calling suppliers.

          “So you have nothing at all for my patient,” she said over the ringing of other nurses calling asking for medications.  “What am I supposed to do?  Tell the patient to sleep it off?”

          “Sounds like a swell life,” I said exhausted.  “When do I start?”