Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Once Upon a Time

Another 100 word story.

Well.  I think this story speaks for itself.  It's hard to have a first love that's a best friend, and pretend you aren't broken up.  It took years for me (seven to be exact) to move on to another relationship, but I've been chasing the memory of her with every girl I've been with.

Apparently I'm bad with drinks, and bad with keeping women I love.

Honestly the story came up when I heard the song playing on the radio, "Once Upon a Summertime" and I just felt I had to write something for her.


*picture is originally from http://katrina-tooley.blogspot.com/2010/06/young-love.html

04/07/2014 (Tuesday)- Once Upon a Time

          Once upon a summertime, in a memory that’s like a dream, I walked these busy streets with you.  Young hearts all a flame, your familiar eyes a gleam.

          Of course first loves are hard to keep, no need to tell me why, just let me keep these recollections—of the warmth in your hands, of the smile that kept me up, of the lips I can’t forget.

          I’m not broken anymore, or so I lie, going through albums I kept closed they ask me who you were, of course I tell them:

          I loved her once upon a summertime.