Thursday, May 8, 2014

Deviled Eggs

Another 100 word story.

Went to sleep early as soon as I was done unloading and unpacking my overnight bag, laundry, walking the dog, and other real life stuff.  I only had time to edit and put up the Book Reviews and revise the tab for it in order to make it a little more organized.

I wanted to put up this story relating to the news of the release of Michael Alig (which I read over breakfast--bacon and eggs though, and cooked by me not the devil).  Found a story in Epcot watching people walk around aimlessly, and over conversation with a temporary french working girl with too much make up.  I'll have to do them in-between the little free time I have with work and family still visiting, apparently now that my boss knows my school term is over it looks like I'll be working two week straight to cover people who've been wanting a vacation.

Well... not like I need a life.

Sorry I didn't put this up yesterday, was too tired after playing around with my blogger settings.  Sorry as well if the ads are in the way, I'm still trying to figure out how to customize them to make them less obtrusive so they wouldn't get in the way of your reading.


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04/08/2014 (Wednesday)- Deviled Eggs

          I sat reading the paper over breakfast, on the news of a man released from prison after 17 years on charges of manslaughter and murder—chopping up his roomie, then dumping the body into the hudson river.  Gruesome reading over sausage and eggs.

          The Devil sat opposite drinking his coffee (sugar, no cream—sweet as sin, black as night), waiting for my reaction.  I tried to hide my disgust as I watched the yolk spill out too early.

          “You’re a monster.  Feeding on people and their negativity.”

          You’ve got it all wrong.  I’m not a monster, I just feed monsters.