Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book Reviews: The Purple Morrow

*edit*  Updating an old book review as I update my blog page.

The Purple Morrow
by +Dyane Forde

Take a chance. 

I usually don’t go buying books without knowing more about the author, or hearing rave reviews from friends, or not having pictures in it (I kid, I kid).  If you’re familiar with at least any of Dyane Forde’s writing style and narrative voice with her short stories, then you’ll be in for a treat with her book. 

A wonderful world that pulls you in from introduction to end—I hate to say it but it’s the characters that did it for me though, usually in fantasy I’m pulled by the intricacies of the world’s magic system or world-crafting (which is masterfully done by the author).  Her characters are both memorable and easy to relate to: the loss and pain of Jeru, the secret-love that Nyssa hides and wishes for, the inner struggles of Kelan.  You enter her fantasy world as a stranger, you leave it wanting more.

The only bad thing about the book is that it ends, and you’re left waiting for the sequel to find out what happens next.  Moar pictures Dyane.  I demand moar pictures. 

Definitely a recommended read, and definitely an author to follow.  There is nowhere to go but up with her stories and her writings.  So...  What are you waiting for? 

Take a chance.