Sunday, April 13, 2014

White Rabbit

Another 100 word story.

I'm finding a lot of faults in myself (as I beat myself up with my big club of regrets), one of them being that my idea of the American Dream has changed since I was younger.

It used to be that I'd find happiness just by being here in America.  It's changed over time to a need for material possessions now.

Am I happy?  I'm satisfied where I am, but I know where I want to be later on.

Enjoy this little reflective story on happiness and chasing white rabbits.

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03/22/2014 (Saturday)- White Rabbit

          I found myself chasing a rabbit I thought I wanted:  money, cars, a material American Dream.  As soon as I caught it, for a mere moment, the fulfillment faded away—the money was spent as soon as it was made, the car was chained to the price of gas, and my dreams, once bought, left me hollow and empty.

          When did my American Dream equate to material happiness instead of internal happiness?  Was it the movies?  The over saturation of commercials?

          Tomorrow.  I’ll hold on tighter to that short lived rabbit.  

          Tomorrow.  I’ll hold on tighter to a momentary happiness.