Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Eggs

Another 100 word story.

Been racking my head for a story as I spent my days finishing up projects for the end of spring term, cleaning up the house for family coming over, and (of course) crazy work hours.  I finally got a break and got to watch the new Captain America (twice!) with family and friends.

I guess this is where the story came from, all the little Easter Eggs that I found while watching the movie (and then had to explain to both family and friends why that got me all excited).  *spoiler alert!* Names that popped up in the movie referencing other Marvel Universe characters, the Baxter building (Fantastic Four) that showed up as one of the targets, and naturally, the obvious "You gotta sit down until the very end."

For some weird reason I've been finding the Marvel sequels surprisingly better than their previous movies (the origin movies), which usually never happens for sequels.  *cough* Transformers *cough*  Well... actually I blame Michael Bay for the terribad-ness of Transformers, and he's the main reason I can't bring myself to watch the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (asides from the trailer).  Sorry, but I really prefer the first ones they made:  Transformers the animated movie, and of course the first TMNT movie.  Ahhh... sweet, sweet memories.

Ok, way too long to introduce this little story, just thought I'd share some movie quirks of mine.  (Talk to me about Wes Anderson, I won't stop gushing over story and cinematography.)

Enjoy this weird story.

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03/23/2014 (Sunday)- Easter Eggs

          I found the Easter Bunny making his annual rounds through our neighbor’s yard, hiding colorfully painted eggs with treats for the kids.  

          “You know he doesn’t have kids anymore,” I told him as I peeked over the fence.  “They grew up, moved out, went to University.  They’ve probably forgotten you.”

          I know, he replied.  

          “So, shouldn’t you only be hiding them for families with kids that believe?”

          These aren’t for his children.  These are for him and his wife.  


          It’s my way of thanking them for feeding their kids' imagination.

          I returned home, hoping to find some painted eggs