Sunday, April 6, 2014

Not Quite Viral

Another 100 word story.

My friends were suggesting that I do video for the blog, which makes sense if I was going to promote something, plus I'm not photogenic enough and I'm (100%) sure I'd scare off the few people that already pop in just to see if I'm still alive or improved even a little bit.

In the future.  Sure.  Why not.

For now this is dedicated to my year long project.


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03/17/2014 (Monday)- Not Quite Viral

“You're sure this’ll help get me more views?”

I promise it’ll work, Calico told me as he started up the camera.  A lot of people are doing it.  I personally know a few that got a million views after.


Like the one that played the piano, or the hipster doing dubstep—

Hang on.  Weren’t those videos of cats?—”

—then there’s the one singing the Nyan song while flying through—

“You know that wasn’t a real cat, right?  You can’t fly through space.”

How dare you crush my dreams.

That’s it.  No more internet, and take the pop-tart off.”