Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Complaining Tenants

Another 100 word story.

I know two stories in (almost) the same day?  Trying to catch up to my deadline, only 94 days left in my project.

This pretty much came about when my cousins were complaining about the way I eat and that I should treat my heart better, and then I replied that I'd treat it better if it paid rent.  YES.  I have bad eating habits, I can't stop eating at this burger place I found near the hospital that serves burgers where its meat is made of ground prime ribs and short ribs, topped with a medium over-easy egg, and a thick slice of smoked pork belly bacon.  (drools)

So I guess this is dedicated to my poor heart, who is most certainly clogged up.


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03/18/2014 (Tuesday)- My Complaining Tenants

I sat down with the voices in my head, our weekly internal community meeting: listening to complaints, to suggestions, what needs to get fixed, when will the Heart pay his rent (32 years overdue), where are We going?  

As their voices get louder, each climbing on top of the other, the negativity in complaints began to rise and bring about the worst in my intangible tenants.  

My Heart pulled me away during a heated argument, between ego and id, escaping me to his dingy four-room apartment.  

I asked Heart if he had any complaints:

Please, just treat me better.