Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lets Face It

Another 100 word story.

Sorry for the late post, I'm still on my rotating shift so my sleep and life cycle is messed up.  I'm hoping that my schedule goes back to where it doesn't change just so I can return to the groove of things.

This basically came up as I have received some pretty harsh criticisms (both online and offline) for my writing and storytelling.  It's true I started this as something to help improve myself as a writer/storyteller, I'm still far from that goal but I'm hoping to at least take in all that I can criticism-wise (both negative and positive).  I've taken the harsher comments and taped them to my mirror, a constant reminder to always give more than my best during the day in everything that I do.

So this is a twist on negativity, and as how Neil Gaiman said:  Turning it into art.


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03/16/2014 (Sunday)- Lets Face It

D’you even challenge yourself?  

                                   Ya think this is good?  

                                                    Why d’you even bother?

Every morning I see them, these harsh barbed questions I’ve taped to the bathroom mirror, past comments and criticisms of the deconstructive sort.  

Reading them aloud, staring at my blurred reflection through sleep-grimed eyes, all I could give back were the same stale replies:

                                Living is the challenge, writing is just perspective. 

                                No, it’s never good enough, it’s why I keep editing and editing ad infinitum.

                                Because I want to be remembered, if even by a few. 

Turning off  the faucet, I put myself back together.