Wednesday, April 2, 2014

La vie de l’insomniaque

Another 100 word story.

Been doing some sketches to help give shape to some characters I'm forming for a story, it sort of helps along with the usual interviews I usually do to help give them shape.  I'm actually doing something a friend told me, giving them flaws and imperfections that I possess in order to make them more relatable not just to myself but everyone else.  Which, of course, opened up a butt load of things that required a night and a six-pack of guinness.

It was fun though, but I think I'll be sticking to doing sketches for a bit.  Not in a hurry to open that can of worms any time soon.


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03/15/2014 (Saturday)- La vie de l’insomniaque

I met my night time friends over restless pacing dreams—fellow insomniacs, these silent imaginary things, who accompanied me through my many sleepless nights.  

Picking through pads of half-formed stories, and half-shaped doodles, looking for words to give them life.  

Just like me, I thought to myself, watching them pour over spent inky words looking for a voice.  Opening journals, photo-albums, and memories—retracing old scars from past probablys, nevers, and maybes.  

Forgotten moments trapped in film and paper scattered beneath their feet as they kept searching for other memories to burn, to live.  

Just like me.