Monday, March 31, 2014

Half-Dollar Wishes

Another 100 word story.

Just finished a Haruki Murakami book "The Wind Up Bird Chronicles," which got me thinking and reflecting again (which happens quite often when reading any of his works).  This pretty much got me thinking what it would be like if I went down a well to meditate (which is something the main character in the book did, don't worry no spoilers), and what I might find at the bottom.


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03/14/2014 (Friday)- Half-Dollar Wishes

I climbed down to the bottom of an old wishing well, looking for a better kind of understanding.  

It was dry at the bottom, all its wishes sold and gone, all its water drank by dreamers.

I didn’t come for the wishes.  

I came looking for change:  to be a better person, to be less scared of risks, to have had the guts to tell you how I really felt.  

Too late.

At the bottom there was no change, no wishes, no epiphanies, no blinding light of self-actualization.

At the bottom there was nothing, but my hindsight and me.