Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just One More Game

Another 100 word story.

This is dedicated to a dear family friend who welcomed me when I first came to America, teaching me how to use a cast-net and the best places to catch milkfish in our little part of Florida.  He only has a month left to live so we've been spending as much time with him and his family when we can, one of the best things I enjoy about him is how much he enjoys playing Chess and Scrabble (he has this crazy sized Scrabble board).

Times like these, I can only see how much he doesn't want to leave his wife alone.  I only wish I could do more than simply play chess with him.


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03/24/2014 (Monday)-  Just One More Game

          I sat down with Juan Cruz, a family friend, who did my taxes for free in exchange for some papaya and mangoes that grew in our backyard.  He was thinner than I remembered,  empty chemotherapy pill bottles on the table, his moves on the board less sure.  

          “Are you ok, Mr. Cruz?”  

          “I’m fine,” he wheezed, moving his king next to his queen.  “You know, if you play long enough the game reflects the player.  Ever heard of that?”

          “… would you like to take back that move?”

          Juan looked down at the board:  “No.  That’s where he wants to be.”