Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pick Me Up Cat

Another 100 word story.

I've been busy the past few days taking care of my dog who just came back from surgery.  Been hand feeding him and making sure he doesn't chew on the stitches on his leg (surgery for a torn ligament).  During those days I just couldn't think of a story, even though a bunch of interesting (meaning weird) things have been happening on those days.  I'll let them out as soon as they're ready, but for now, my posts will be (as usual) erratic due to puppy emergency and finals.


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03/25/2014 (Tuesday)- Pick Me Up Cat

          “It’s a lot harder the closer I get to the end,” I shared with Calico, pouring milk into his favorite bowl of alphabet cereal.  

          Why would you think that?   

          “Well I’m worried that I may repeat some stories—“


          “—AND, I’m scared about the changes in my writing.”


          “It used to be funnier, relaxed, not this serious… thing.”

          Your stuck in a maze, made a wrong turn and you can’t go back, you have to follow through.

          I watched Calico leave through the window, leaving a note made of milk-soaked letters in his bowl:  

                    Tell me a story.