Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just a Boy

Another 100 word story.

Well, I got to watch Hook again so that would be one source of inspiration another would be the news of more suicides, and the startling fact that some of them are getting younger and younger.  It's sad that bullying can cause kids to take their own lives, it's even sadder when I realize that their friends or parents couldn't catch it before it could even get to that point.

This is for those who were looking to escape, but couldn't find it in any other way.

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04/01/2014 (Wednesday)- Just a Boy

          like every other, that’s all he really wanted to be.  Would have been.

          Yet each night a fairy would woo him with tales of adventures with pirates and indians, of emerald seas and beautiful mermaids, of soaring through sapphire skies with ease.  Each night climbing dreams spun by fairy dust and ephemeral promises, flying higher and higher with each telling, until Peter could take it no more.

          He begged her to take him to this wondrous land, this Never land.

          For a price, the fairy whispered.

          So he gave up his shadow.

          Flew to a star.

          And never grew older.