Monday, April 28, 2014

Smiling at World's End

Another 100 word story.

Been scanning old picture slides (for the old kodak carousel) to be printed out as pictures, its amazing how they look despite the years.

My grandfather worked as a civil engineer for an american construction company, so they traveled the world building roads and infrastructures for countries:  such as Africa and Egypt.  It was a different time according to their stories, traveling back to those places now wouldn't be safe they told me.

So I took a walk with them through memory lane, soaking up their travels in faded inky colors, listening to stories I never lived.


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03/31/2014 (Tuesday)- Smiling at World’s End

          We were sitting at the dinner table, yellow family pictures and slides of yesteryears spilling out from their albums and boxes.  My uncles pointed at their slimmer, younger selves, laughing at vivid static memories.

          “I don’t recognize these places,” I said.

          These were taken in Egypt, they said pointing to a box.  Your grandfather traveled for work, and took us with him.

          “Where’s this one from?” I asked holding up a picture of them at the edge of a precipice, a stunning sunset behind them.

          Africa.  World’s End Viewpoint.

          “Any plans to go back?”

          Times are different.  Viewpoints have changed.