Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tea with the March Hare

Another 100 word storytelling.

Well.  I think I have a bad habit in processing grief by overworking myself to the bone.  I have a total of about 97 hours (two weeks) in one pay period and about 101.5 hours the previous pay period before that.  Sadly all the characters I've dreamed up are asking me when they'll get a chance to show off, and when I'll be coming back to dream.

I'll definitely try to get back in the groove.  I'm sorry I'm still in this funk, I'll try to get myself out of it and process it properly.

Enjoy this little story about the March Hare trying to console me.

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03/03/2014 (Monday)- Tea with the March Hare

               I was quietly sipping tea in my backyard when the March hare dropped in to visit, in his usual garb of red coat and orange tie, which is much too bright for my taste. 

               “How goes it?” I asked. 

               Ah, well, you know.  Out and about celebrating my unbirthday, you?

               “Well.  I’ve been working rotating shifts, trying to forget life by burning myself out with work and studies.”

               Ah, explains why you haven’t been by lately, any dreams to tell at least?

               “No, sorry, I haven’t been writing much either.  Just work.  Work.  Work.”

              Ah… and they call me mad.