Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our Building Human

Another 100 word story.

Sorry if I haven't been updating the past few days, I've been working 13 hour overnight shifts and find myself choosing sleep over anything else.  It's day 4 of 6 right now and I find myself struggling to do anything other than sleep, eat, and work.

I have nine stories to catch up on, and I will get to it.  Things have just been put on hold since I'm still trying to process a death in the family, working over time (52 hours this week), and just trying to live.

This pretty much came up as I was listening to NPR, and while watching a renovation show (my secret addiction).

Enjoy... and yes I'm writing this doped up on nyquil and sleeping pills.

*picture is originally from http://abstract.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/113073/

03/02/2014 (Sunday)- Our Building Human

               We start at the bottom, building up.  Foundations laid by sleep-deprived parents watching over us, giving us character, feeding us life through fairy tale stories laced with good deeds and moral lessons. 

               We expand through the years.  New additions dictated by the needs to conform to what is pleasing to society, the want for features over character, the caving to peer pressure. 

               Later on we realize the error, as time decays what we’ve built haphazardly to please those around us.  After stripping away the atrophy of vanity, the crumbling decadence of social affectations…

               We find ourselves left with our foundation.