Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sometimes the Bear Gets You

Another 100 word story.

I'm not sure anymore who's the owner and who's the pet in our little household, finding destroyed slippers, and wonderful soft chocolate traps on the carpet.

Then my pet (owner?) would look at me in big sad eyes, making it hard to reprimand them for their dastardly deeds of poo.

I need to grow a spine.

I hope my fellow pet owners Enjoy this story.

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03/07/2014 (Friday)- Sometimes the Bear Gets You

               “It’s just a rug,” I told Calico as he peeked behind my legs at the mangy one-dollar bear rug I had picked up at the flea market—along with assorted knick-knacks, paddywhacks, and junk in a stack.

               Is it dead? He whispered in a tone one would have defined in a person as nerves, for cats, however, one would call it a sign of slow escalating curiosity. 

               “Like a doornail.”

               Calico walked cautiously to investigate, sniffing every square inch of bear, satisfied he began marking it as his. 

               “Now why would you do that?”

               To show him who’s boss here.