Friday, March 21, 2014

An Insomniac's Reflection

Another 100 word story.

Lately I've been keeping my eyes open, my ears to the ground, and a pen in hand.  For some reason my brain isn't working yet the way I want it, the way it used to run.  I guess I'm still chugging along, processing .

Enjoy this insomniac's reflection.

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03/06/2014 (Thursday)- An Insomniac’s Reflection

               It’s an affliction.  One can never tell when or where one might pick it up (from a drink, from a friend, or even from a book).  I’ve found that mine has been with me the past few nights as I took it upon myself to keep digging for stories. 

               Stories that would generate “likes,” to feed my secret vanity as a writer. 

               Stories that would be unique enough to inspire, to tickle, or maybe even cry. 

               As the sun rises, yet again, I find myself empty-handed. 

               And I wonder staring at an empty blank page.

               Where have my stories gone?