Monday, March 24, 2014

48th Hour, Still Awake

Another 100 word story.

Yech, I hate this season of the year in Florida just because of how sensitive I am with pollen and medications.  I hate to say it but I've been awake for 48 hours thanks to an allergy med during the weekend, I've only gone to sleep thanks to some heavy doses of Nyquil (which really, really screws me up) last night.

This pretty sums up the... paranoia?... that I felt being awake for that long, that I began to convince myself that I was seeing things (I'm weird that way).


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03/08/2014 (Saturday)- 48th Hour, Still Awake

               I’ve been getting itchy eyes and a stuffy nose thanks to all the pollen.  I finally gave up and decided to take some medications, fearing the reaction I might have with them from past experiences.

Trust me.  It’ll take your allergies away, they said.

Two little pills. 

They didn’t warn me how wired up I’d be, the sudden brightness of colors, and the strange shadows lurking at the edges of my vision at night. 

It’s the shadows that kept me up, not the meds, I think. 

               I take two more, just to be sure.

               It’s the shadows. 

Not the meds.