Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Motorcycle 4 Sale

Another 100 word story.

So.  Yes.  This happened and I had to explain to her afterwards over dinner what she said and to make her promise she wouldn't say something like that in front of me again.

It's very traumatizing when you hear your mother say something like that even by accident.

Enjoy this... well... I hope it never happens to any of you.

*picture is originally from http://fineartamerica.com/featured/three-golden-balls-pawnbroker-symbol-outside-a-pawn-shop-in-the-uk-joe-fox.html

03/05/2014 (Wednesday)- Motorcycle 4 Sale

               “I just got an offer on your father’s motorcycle,” mother told me excitedly as I parked my car. 

               “Oh?  That’s good,” I said walking by the aforementioned motorcycle taking up space in the garage.  A bike built for your standard sized American.  My toes barely touched the ground when I tried riding it. 

               “The electrician saw it and asked if we were selling, I told him to make me an offer.  I’m just like those people you keep watching on the History channel.  I’m a porn star!”

               “Uh… I think you meant Pawn Stars.”

               “Why?  What did I say?”

               “… nothing.”