Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just Another Bite

Another 100 word story.

Heard this on my drive to work the other day about the snake-handling pastor dying from a rattlesnake bite.  The last sentence I picked up from somewhere, not sure where, but would give credit to whoever wrote it, felt like a perfect way to end this as I'm still in a zombie frame of mind.

Still processing things a step at a time.


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02/25/2014 (Tuesday)- Just Another Bite

               I listen to NPR on my way to work, their program today  talked about the death of a snake-handling pastor.  Ten times bitten and this last one got him. 

               My devil smiled at the news, his Salvador Dali-like moustache curling at the end:  All it takes is one bite. 

               I ignored him as best I could.  Head straight.  Eyes on the road.  Note: refill my meds.

               Ever wonder why you silly humans tempt fate? 

               I turned the volume up to drown him out.  He just laughed and moved closer, whispering…

               Because deep down inside the zombie wants to be killed.