Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Kiss Goodnight

Another 100 word story.

This filled out as soon as I saw the recipe for dark rum mixed drinks, A Kiss Goodnight, and it fit perfectly for a character in distress and another character secretly loving him/her (at the start it was still just bouncing in my head).


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02/26/2014 (Wednesday)- A Kiss Goodnight

               She drops by the bar at the end of every escort service, sitting alone at the corner.  Soft light hiding delicate features, shadows highlighting the severity of life.  

               I mix her usual, A Kiss Goodnight.  Her red glossed lips trying to remember how to smile as thanks.  I smile for her. 

               She takes small sips, licking her lips at the sweetness of the strawberry vodka, hands trembling as she tries to forget tonight and every other night.  Each sip stripping away a layer, revealing the beauty hiding inside. 

               “Could I have another Kiss?”

               Of course, tonight and every night after.