Monday, March 3, 2014

Eden: Open Vacancy

Another 100 word story.

I was playing around with this story at work, it was going to be at a modern setting in the original but then reverted into this as I listened to them talk.

Got crazy hours for this Month at work.  Basically for the first two weeks of march I only have two days off... those days being when I'm in school from 8a- 6p (crammed all my classes into one day), and seeing the calender for the last two weeks it looks like it'll be the same thing.  Which in fairness I think I'm looking forward to just so I have something to keep me busy, to keep me from beating myself up.


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02/27/2014 (Thursday)- Eden: Open Vacancy

               “You think he’ll take them back?” the angel asked as he stood guard by the gate to the garden.

               Wouldn’t hurt to ask, right? the serpent hissed missing his legs. 

               “You’re not trying to trick me, are you?”

               Listen.  With them gone who’ll name and take care of the animals?  Cut the grass?  Pick weeds?  I can’t, I’m handicapped with no disability benefits. 

               “Disability benefits?  What’s that?”

               I was hoping you’d tell me. 

               The angel shrugged.  “I better go now and ask before they get too far from the garden.”

               Ask if I can have my legs back as well.