Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chasing Dreams

Another 100 word story.

I've been watching my dog chase something in his dreams, and I figured I'd make a story about it as I'm usually writing stories about Calico.


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02/28/2014 (Friday)- Chasing Dreams

Abbas dreamed of summer heat and open plains, of safari sleep and African drums.  His black-wet nose quivering to the savage beats of the wild playing in his heart.  Caged feet stalking game through savanna grass.  

Abbas dreamed of the hunt and blood, of freedom and African soil.  His yellow-black mane burning orange in the light of the setting sun.  Caged feet chasing unleashed dreams.  

His owners smile watching, little legs chasing a dream, a growl escaping his lips.  

“What do you think he’s chasing?”

“What else do little dogs chase?  Must be a postman or a car.”