Thursday, March 27, 2014

Breaking Camp

Another 100 word story.

I was just informed that an old camping site I went to in the Philippines has now been turned into a tourist destination, not that it bothers me that more people learn about that wonderful pristine site, but when I see the pictures its just too much people for an environment to handle without any repercussions, especially to the mountain people who still live there.

I've had epic memories (lots of them embarrassing and too long for 100 word format) with my cousins camping there.  It's a little sad that our little secret spot is gone.


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03/10/2014 (Monday)- Breaking Camp

I remember my father taking my brothers and I camping, it was a special place up north in the Philippines near Olongapo.  A camping site that my grandfather and his American cousin used to hide from the Japanese during World War II, saved their lives.  

We went there each summer.  Two days of driving through back roads, dirt roads, burbling streams and broken hills.  

It was heaven.  The waters were clear, plenty of game to hunt, and a deep reflective silence.

Now its become a tourist destination:  the water is murky, the animals are gone, and a heaven is broken.