Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Race to the Bottom

Another 100 word story.

I really don't talk politics, but lately things have been getting a little weird turning on the news the past few weeks (asides from the conspiracy theories generated about the Malaysian flight) as I watched Fox News with my grandparents.  *I'm more CNN or BBC*

I'm not sure I can really put it into words, but I guess I'll try my best to put it into a story what it felt like watching American politics from immigrant eyes.


*picture is originally from http://mymilanitaly.blogspot.com/2011/04/youre-better-man-than-i-am-gunga-din-or.html

03/09/2014 (Sunday)- A Race to the Bottom

               I found myself in a race, absent were the usual contestants—Tortoise and Hare—instead, joining me were Donkey and Elephant. 

               Donkey asked for my help to win, making promises and deals that seemed too good to be true to my immigrant eyes. 

               I can’t help you, I replied as I began tying my shoe. 

               Elephant came demanding my help, blustering and trumpeting like a giant to a mouse. 

               I won’t help you, I squeaked as I waited for the gun.


Crossing the line, I could still hear them fighting…

                                                       who deserved to win this race to the bottom?