Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why I Write

Another 100 word story.

Finally on the right day, and the start of another month.  My friends invited me to join them for this writing project they'll be doing through the month of February, of course I said yes.  Heading out to work, will think up new stories to put up for the rest of the week.

Side note.  I lost my little kaweco sport fountain pen, so I ordered a new one with a fine nib this time around.  Counting the days 'til it gets here.


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02/01/2014 (Saturday)- Why I Write

               I have some stories that you might like, and I have a lot which I’m sure you won’t.  There’s a reason why I do them all: the good, the bad, and the ones that need lots of love.   

               It’s a matter of digging deep with each story I tell, finding myself through each word I write. 

               I find parts of myself that need to be brought to light, to inspect, to critic, to put on a shelf.

               So I stay up late scribbling away (sometimes doodling), and I pray, one day, I’ll be able to find my way in life.