Sunday, February 2, 2014

Love Boat

Another 100 word story.

Well since it's February, the month of love, I figured I'd start it off with one of my favorite ways of telling a story... a little bit poem-ish (?).  Not quite sure if I'd classify it as a poem since I don't structure it like one really.  It is fun to read out loud... so... hush.  I'll figure out how to write a poem next time.  This is fiction.

I guess this is more of a reflection on how I used to sign anonymous love letters back when I was still a wee boy, and now that I've grown into a wee man I figured it would be nice to do a story of sorts that would take me back to those early attempts.  Plus I loved the show.  I was young, and there were like only 4 channels in the Philippines at the time I was growing up.  So, really not much choice.


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02/02/2014 (Sunday)-  Love Boat

               I find myself adrift in a sea of elementary words, of unpalatable phrases, and troglodyte works.  Haphazard verses of jagged sounding symbols poking holes in my onion paper boat, oh how I regret not learning how to float. 

               As I sink to a watery grave (no thanks to a failed paper cruise), I find myself lacking in despair and regret, and instead find myself rather amused. 

               For alas love has failed to save me, both in life and in inky words!  How apropos the naming of my onion paper boat, in dedication, in loving memory, to my dear…

               Absolutely Sincere.