Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chasing Down Words

Another 100 word story.

Slowly gathering up the ideas that had left me while I was sick.  Flipping through books of short stories, magicians, dreams, and ADHD (I have medical books as reference material).  Will be submitting a few more works for two more contests, not the usual Writer's Gallery, but for Writer's Digest and a local competition.  Will update, and probably put up some of the works here after the competition is done.


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01/31/2014 (Friday)- Chasing Down Words

               Calico helped me catch my thoughts and ideas, as they’ve been running around and messing about the three days that I was sick.  The bigger ones were easy as they lumbered about in the yard smelling the flowers.  The smaller ones were proving harder to catch as they hid between books in-between lines of text.   

               This is going nowhere, Calico said as he batted at a scampering tale about mice. 

               “Well, what would you suggest?” I asked trying to gather eight little words about dwarves, a girl, and an apple.  “Put some cheese out?”

               Why not?  Always worked for me.