Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wholesale Cat

Another 100 word story.

Was walking through Sam's Club and basically just sat down and watched people as I ate one of their $1.50 hotdog-soda combos.  I remember coming to America as a little boy and not seeing this much overweight/obese people in Sam's Club at the time, now it seems that it's a rare sighting for me to find anyone that's at least close to their ideal weight size that isn't a child/teenager.

Is it because of the Wholesale stores that obesity has risen?  Did it create the need that one has to eat everything?  Or is it just lack of self-control?


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02/22/2014 (Saturday)- Wholesale Cat

               Calico came along to my monthly shopping trip to Sam’s Club, an errand to take my worries off my mind, a distraction to keep Calico from editing my stories. 

               Walking through the aisles you can see the opulence of America—truly the land of milk and honey and bacon and beer and obesity, majority of shoppers riding beat-up electric carts.

               Calico shook his head:  Buying necessities in bulk, a race to eat them before they expire.  

               I picked up a case of cat food for the month.

               This is a race that I can get into, said the hungry Calico.