Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wearing Lies

Another 100 word story.

A coworker mentioned how I tend to act and speak differently when I'm on the phone as compared to talking in person.  I use a deeper voice, a more laid back tone, and tend to hunch over relaxed when I talk to nurses on the phone who have questions.  In person my voice has a higher pitch, words rush out over one another, my accent is more noticeable, and I tend to use gestures as I speak.

I found it funny and interesting that they brought it up, and began watching my fellow coworkers (and family, just don't tell them).  It's entertaining to say the least.


*picture is originally from http://www.zillamag.com/art/surreal-photography-by-hugh-kretschmer/attachment/surreal-photography-by-hugh-kretschmer-23/

02/21/2014 (Friday)- Wearing Lies

               I put on my faces before stepping out:  A face for strangers to show that I’m one of them, burning away time and throwing moments away for money.  The one for friends and family, pretending that I’m fine and in control: No, really, please don’t worry

               Then there’s the one I wear for mirrors.  One made of lies to protect me from good honest reflections, for these can ruin a man who enjoys his sins.

               I wear three faces for the world, three faces to save my soul, three faces to hide my heart.

               Three faces I do not recognize.