Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sorting Life

Another 100 word story.

Was putting away a few board games I had lying about around the house, and realized how we've been playing them more than our usual mobile games or console game systems.  I'm a little happy/proud that my younger cousins play them rather than the video games I usually find them (and myself) glued to.

As I put the pieces away for Scrabble, Monopoly, and Smash Up (very fun card game).  I wonder why we have been playing more board games.  Who brought it up, and why?  Is it because we needed something to connect over that didn't require some form of social media?  Or is it because in a complicated life we naturally look for something simple to reset our lives?


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02/23/2014 (Sunday)- Sorting Life

               Packing away old toys and board games to donate I complained to Calico how simple things were when I was young. 

               “Back then kids played on the streets,” I said going through pieces for the game of Life.  “Our social media was a secret handshake and posts were something you hit on a bike.”

               Mmm... don’t donate Scrabble, and Boggle. 

               “Then there’s the cra—“

               What is this really about?  Calico asked.  Is it because your older?

               “Wha?  No.  Of course not,” I stammered.  “I-I just miss simpler things.”

               Here.  A shapes sorter.  Might help you find your purpose.

               “… thanks.”