Thursday, February 13, 2014

Walking the Rails

Another 100 word story.

Pretty much sums up the days I've been having wondering how life can be very different for some people.  Is it envy?  Well I can't lie that the green-eyed monster does show up at times, but I've always been taught not to let it control me or dictate my actions.

Or so I thought until the past few days.

It's tough being a working student, sometimes I wonder if it's worth it when the world throws a curve ball at you.


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02/11/2014 (Tuesday)- Walking the Rails

               I was on the other side of the tracks looking for the meaning of life, through amber bottled lenses, seeing the colors of God’s green earth in a whole new light. 

               And I wondered about the disparity between the green grass, and their yellow brothers: thirsty, hungry, dying in the sun. 

               Train tracks being the only separation:  one side healthy, the other not so much.  I empty the bottle filled with introspection, tossing its empty glass body to join the others on the yellow-side of the tracks.  Them poor yellow things.

               I found myself smiling.

               The green grass smiled back.